Eligibility for membership in SCUC is open to all residents, businesses, organizations, and other interested parties upon the registration of SCUC membership and full payment of annual dues. Membership consists of two (2) categories of members: voting members and non-voting.

Representatives of City of Peoria-registered neighborhood/homeowner associations and neighborhood watch groups, social service agencies, businesses and residents that are located in the 61605 zip code shall have the right to be voting members.

ANY person, business or social service agency may apply for honorary membership in SCUC upon membership registration membership and full payment of annual dues. Honorary membership entitles the person to a mailed copy of SCUC newsletters and notice of organizational events for one year from the date of membership. Honorary membership does not include voting rights.

The amount required for annual dues of voting members is $15.00 and will not be prorated. The amount required for annual dues of nonvoting members is $25.00 and will not be prorated. Payment of the annual dues will entitle the member to full membership privileges, respective to the applicable membership tier, for the current calendar year starting from the date of payment.

  • You become a part of an organized group of people who will promote and support your issues as they relate to advancing our neighborhoods.
  • Your membership gives you the power to make decisions relating to your own neighborhood.
  • You can make a difference in your community for future generations.
  • You will have access to the SCUC website to keep you informed of new funding or upgrades coming to your neighborhood.
  • You can take advantage of a variety of trainings and workshops that will enhance your knowledge of community building as well as opportunities.
  • You can receive technical assistance to apply for funding if applicable, to enhance your own projects for bettering the living conditions in your neighborhood.
YOU can become a member of SCUC today!

Please print and complete the SCUC application form.