SCUC is an organization of Southside neighborhood and homeowner association representatives, neighborhood watch groups, social service agencies, Southside businesses and residents who seek to improve the quality of life for individuals and families living and working in the Southside community of Peoria, Illinois. The primary focus of SCUC is to develop partnerships with community stakeholders to educate residents and implement sustainable activities and programs that address neighborhood problems and concerns.

Goals & Objectives:
  • Present a united front to address neighborhood concerns and challenges.
  • Provide a forum for residents to express and seek solutions to neighborhood concerns.
  • Educate and empower residents with the necessary tools and resources to effect positive change.
  • Encourage and assist in establishing new neighborhood associations and representation in unrepresented areas.
  • Improve communications with local and state governmental entities.
The following objectives were defined and adopted by SCUC in a Strategic Planning Session held December 7, 2013:
  • Promote change and build neighborhood capacity
  • Establish partnerships to reduce crime.
  • Expand employment and recreation opportunities for young people
  • Obtain grant funding and resources for neighborhood programs
  • Promote advocacy, self-sufficiency, and personal responsibility
  • Promote a culture of wellness, safety and neighborhood beautification
  • Establish and promote a spirit of community unity and the importance of neighborhood participation
  • Identify funds for low-income home improvement projects
  • Tear down or fix up blighted abandoned properties
  • Identify employment and trade opportunities for residents
  • Promote homeownership
  • Identify and eliminate concerns that deter neighborhood economic development (crime, blight, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Identify resources to improve neighborhood sidewalks, streets and lighting
  • Advocate tougher regulations on Liquor stores in high crime areas